On the Choice of a Text

There are over 31,000 verses in the Bible. How do you pick one for your sermon? Where do you start? For Spurgeon, the selection of the passage for the next sermon was a major part of sermon preparation. Indeed, it can be a herculean task – perhaps even more difficult than the actual writing ofContinue reading “On the Choice of a Text”

“What Should I Preach About?” – Spurgeon’s Answer

Today, I’ll discuss Spurgeon’s chapter titled “Sermons – Their Matter” by sharing the five lessons I learned that helped me become a better preacher. If you’ve ever done any preaching, you’ve probably had to wrestle with the basic question “What should I preach about?” By asking that I don’t mean, “What should my sermon topicContinue reading ““What Should I Preach About?” – Spurgeon’s Answer”

The Preacher’s Private Prayer

So begins Charles Spurgeon’s very convicting chapter titled “The Preacher’s Private Prayer” in his famous book Lectures to My Students. In this chapter, Spurgeon answers the question “how should a preacher pray in his own private prayer time?” His answer is simple: we should pray as ministers. Here’s what that means (four observations): First, It meansContinue reading “The Preacher’s Private Prayer”

Charles Spurgeon on the Preacher’s Public Prayer

Last year I read Richard Ellsworth Day’s biography about Charles Spurgeon titled The Shadow of the Broad Brim. Day wrote the book in the early 20th century and therefore was able to interview people who had been church members of the Metropolitan Tabernacle under the pulpit ministry of Charles Spurgeon. Day records that those thatContinue reading “Charles Spurgeon on the Preacher’s Public Prayer”

Concerning the True Care of Souls: A Book Review

Martin Bucer’s Concerning the True Care of Souls is a mixed bag of papist leftovers and fresh Protestant theology. It helps to understand the times in which Bucer ministered to appreciate the good parts. Bucer (1491-1551) left the Dominican Order after meeting Martin Luther in 1518. “For more than 25 years Martin was Bucer wasContinue reading “Concerning the True Care of Souls: A Book Review”

How You Can Know If You Are Called to Preach

In any discussion regarding the call to the ministry, the question often asked is “How do I know if I’m really called to preach?” It is a good question – and an important one. In addition to being sure of his salvation, the pastor should be sure of his divine commission to the pastorate. ForContinue reading “How You Can Know If You Are Called to Preach”

Unbelievable Preaching

Few things are as dishonoring to Christ and His cause as boring sermons. Preaching should be heralding the riches of God’s glory, calling sinners to repentance, and edifying the saints. Instead, it is often the instrument by which God is portrayed as irrelevant, sinners are bored to tears, and the saints are afflicted with habitualContinue reading “Unbelievable Preaching”

The Call to the Ministry: Did Your Phone Ring?

Summer is coming to an end, the youth conference season is closing, and new college recruits are packing out their Hondas and heading off to train for the ministry. I always reminisce this time of year. Recently, my mind traveled back to a day in college long ago. I was a freshman. One morning, oneContinue reading “The Call to the Ministry: Did Your Phone Ring?”

In the Shadow of the Broad Brim: A Book Review

In the Shadow of the Broad Brim by Richard Ellsworth Day My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a well-written, light biography and therefore a good introduction to the life of Spurgeon. If Spurgeon’s own autobiography seems too large, I recommend Day’s work. I appreciate how the author divides the book into aspects ofContinue reading “In the Shadow of the Broad Brim: A Book Review”

On Metaphors and Mindset

Taylor Pearsonraises an interesting point in his essay titled “How to ImproveYour Mindset.” Taking inspiration from George Lakoff and Mark Johnson’s book Metaphors We Live By, Pearson points out that our mindset is how we approach a topic – and our mindsets (or mini-worldviews as I call them) can be changed. Our view of somethingContinue reading “On Metaphors and Mindset”