On the Voice

Today’s episode is about the preacher’s voice. Let’s dive in with Spurgeon’s 3 Lessons on Using Your Voice properly and 7 tips on caring for the voice. I. When it comes to preaching, don’t use an affected voice. Spurgeon said that “scarcely one man in a dozen in the pulpit talks like a man.” ByContinue reading “On the Voice”

Spurgeon on Spiritualizing

Have you ever been subjected to a sermon that was vulgar, perverted, or just plain unbiblical? Chances are, it was an example of bad spiritualizing. Today’s episode is about the chapter titled “On Spiritualizing” in Spurgeon’s book Lectures to My Students.  What is spiritualizing? It is applying a spiritual meaning to something – specifically for preachers, itContinue reading “Spurgeon on Spiritualizing”

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