Escape from Doubting Castle

A few quotes I liked from today’s reading:

From Cottage Lectures (an anonymously written exposition of The Pilgrim’s Progress), regarding Christian and Hopeful’s escape from Doubting Castle:

“Prayer makes the darkened cloud withdraw,
Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw.”

“And sometimes, in the most unexpected way, our humble petitions will be abundantly answered. Before, however, this answer can be received, our slumbering faith must be awakened. We must find, as it were, the key of promise in our breasts, and pluck it forth, and use it, and apply it to the relief of our necessities. There is no sorrow, nor doubt, nor fear, nor trouble, into which we can possibly be plunged, for which there is not a promise, as exactly adapted to it as the key is adapted to the lock for which it was made.”

“The liberty of the believer is not the liberty of wantonness. Being delivered from the hand of the enemy, and from those that hate him, he returns straightway into the path of obedience, and longs and strives to walk before the Lord in righteousness and true holiness all his days.”

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