Mundane Grace

The dishes that really delight our taste buds are often hiding a secret ingredient that gives that particular culinary delight the extra edge it needs to go from “good food” to “this is what I want to eat before I die.” Perhaps it’s a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg laced unsuspectingly into a casserole, or maybe it’s a dash of cayenne pepper or dill that sneaks up on our after-taste to hit it over the head with a flavor we didn’t expect.
Funny thing about secret ingredients is nobody realizes their presence until they’re missing, and when we become aware of their addition, their familiarity makes the dish all the more enjoyable.
As with secret ingredients, so also with God’s benevolent grace. God is good – to everyone. The just and the unjust, the righteous and the wicked – all are recipients of God’s daily dose of common grace. His mercies are new every morning as He serves His creation a fresh batch of blessings.
A clear, star-filled night sky, brisk winter air that smells of pine and smoke, a warm bed to tuck the little one into, the loyalty of a four-legged friend, or a stout cup of coffee that massages every taste bud in your mouth – all are everyday blessings flowing from the hand of a benevolent God.
Funny thing about God’s common grace is we are often oblivious to it until God withholds a few of the blessings we have taken for granted. But when we are aware of mundane grace, its familiarity makes the day all the more enjoyable.
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